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Asthma Treatments
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Asthma Treatments


In the recent past, there have been numerous advances in medicine, including in the diversity of treatment options, especially for more common diseases. Today there are numerous asthma treatments, which is good news for the growing number of people who suffer from this respiratory disease. What type of asthma treatment a person receives will depend on the severity of their asthma. For many people, treatment is as simple as using a rescue inhaler when they have an asthma attack, a sudden onset of symptoms. These people have a mild form of the disease, trouble breathing or catching their breath when they are exposed to certain triggers. Others are not so lucky; more and more people require daily treatment for their symptoms.

Another treatment option is a daily inhaler. Like a rescue inhaler, this treatment consists of an inhaled steroid, but is taken daily to prevent symptoms in those with moderate asthma. Oral steroids are also used to treat asthma, usually in moderate and severe cases. Those with the most severe asthma may have to be treated aggressively with steroids, in pill form or with injections. People with severe asthma attacks are sometimes taken to a hospital for treatment, which may include being given oxygen or steroids through a nebulizer. There are also a number of alternative treatments, but their effectiveness is controversial. It is possible for patients to minimize the need for treatment by keeping their environment as free of triggers as possible with regular home cleaning and avoiding things they know to be triggers.

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