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Diabetic Medicaid


With the rising cost of health care in the United States, a common concern for those with chronic conditions is how they will pay for their care and medications. Those who suffer from diabetes need supplies on a daily basis to test their blood sugar and given themselves insulin when they need it, and the cost of these supplies can add up. Fortunately, there is support in the form of diabetic Medicaid. This program provides help for diabetics who are not financially secure. It can help those with diabetes pay for their supplies, like blood glucose meters and testing strips, syringes for administering insulin, and the insulin itself. Regular doctors visits to monitor a person’s diabetes may also be covered. Doctors are best qualified to monitor the severity of a patient’s disease, as well as the health of their kidneys and other problem areas associate with this disease.

People eligible for Medicaid include those living below the poverty line, whether single or a family, children, and the disabled. Meeting one of these conditions does not automatically qualify a person for assistance, though, and as with many government programs there can be problems with receiving services. While it covers more medical services than Medicare, it is also a needs-based program. Eligibility is determined by income and resources, meaning those who make very little money and have very little savings are most likely to qualify. Medicaid is funded at both the state and federal levels, and is administered differently in each state.

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Diabetic Medicare
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