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With the increases in the number of cars on the road, factories around many cities and other pollution sources, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma. There are a number of different treatments for breathing problems. A nebulizer is often used to treat patients having severe attacks, as well as those with serious, chronic conditions. It works on the same principle as inhalers commonly used by those with breathing problems. The most common type, a jet nebulizer, uses medicine in liquid form and compressed air. The air is blown through the medicine to form a mist, which is blown into a tube to be inhaled by the patient. Newer electronic nebulizers use vibrations to create the mist. These are more portable but also more expensive than jet nebulizers.

People having a respiratory attack are generally taken to a hospital for treatment; those who have frequent, moderate to severe attacks may have one at home for convenience and safety’s sake. The medicine used in a nebulizer is usually a steroid or one that opens airways. This form of delivery is used because it is an effective treatment for breathing problems. The medicine is absorbed directly by the respiratory tract (the airways and lungs). As such, it provides quick relief for those suffering breathing problems. Patients place the tube from the nebulizer in their mouth, and the medicated mist travels up the tube and is inhaled. As a result of this treatment, the inflammation is reduced and the patient can breathe more easily.

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