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Pulmonary Treatment


More and more people need treatment for breathing problems. This treatment is also known as pulmonary therapy. The word ‘pulmonary’ means related to the lungs, and is often used interchangeable with ‘respiratory.’ There are a variety of types of therapy used to treat those with breathing problems. The severity of a person’s illness is the primary factory in determining what kind of pulmonary treatment they will receive. Patients who have mild pulmonary disease like mild asthma and allergies only need mild, occasional treatment like a rescue inhaler. Those with moderate problems, like moderate asthma or bronchitis, will need a stronger dose of medicines like inhaled steroids.

Inhaled steroids are an effective respiratory therapy because they are absorbed directly into the airways. Many breathing problems are caused by airways that swell and close up, and steroids reduce this inflammation. Oral steroids might also be given to those with moderate to severe problems. Patients who have more severe pulmonary disease or suffer a sudden attack of symptoms might receive more aggressive pulmonary therapy, like treatment with a nebulizer. These machines work in a way similar to inhalers, but deliver a more concentrated dose of medicine. They are generally used in hospitals to treat those with conditions like COPD on a regular basis or asthma sufferers having a bad attack. Unfortunately, these types of treatments are becoming more necessary as more people suffer from pulmonary disease. Perhaps as more and more people are diagnosed with respiratory problems, there will be new advances in treatment to help them.

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Pulmonary Treatment
Inhaled steroids are a common pulmonary treatment.